oSnap Configuration Parameters

Overview of oSnap Configuration Parameters

The parameters below are independent parameters on the oSnap module that can be updated after deployment in the SAFE advanced settings.

  • Collateral: The ERC20 token used for the bond. The options are USDC and WETH.

  • Bond: The bond value is the amount proposers (and disputers) are required to post in the collateral currency. The minimum recommended bond values are 1,500 USDC and 1 WETH.

  • Liveness: The length of time a proposal can be disputed. The minimum recommended liveness period is 6 hours to allow disputers to verify a proposal follows the rules.

The parameters below are defined within a single ‘rules’ string on oSnap modules that follow recommended settings. The 'rules' string can be updated after deployment.

  • Voting Quorum: The minimum number of vote participation required for a valid proposal. For example, the proposal should not be considered valid if the voting quorum parameter is 50% and the proposal only had 30% voter participation. This is inherited from Snapshot.

  • Voting Period: The minimum voting period that should be set in the Snapshot proposal. Any voting period set for a proposal that is less than the parameter set in the rules will not be considered a valid proposal.

  • Challenge Period: The challenge period, also referred to as the liveness period, is the challenge window where disputers can dispute a proposal, and is another knob you can turn to increase security (while accepting UX trade-offs). You can find your oSnap configuration parameters in the advanced settings, by navigating to the oSnap SAFE App. Click on the gears.

The configuration parameters will be displayed in the fields below. Please adjust with caution.

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