Index uses UMA's optimistic oracle to bring rebalance methodology onchain. The methodology determines whether a re-weighting proposal is valid and also specifies auction parameter values related to rebalancing execution.

Here is an example assertion for Index:

proposalHash:624170ec238408ef83180e50a7be13836a80ffb01c3e9090e32b7dfda37b5662,rules:"I assert that this transaction proposal is valid according to the rules stored on IPFS under hash: QmaQmtteNydU2c6H9MJoKwVaspAsgMYJ44YE9mkNNuJmGL"

The IPFS hash can be appended to So for the example above, can be used to view the methodology.

Index has provided a reference query to make verifying assertions easier.

The first step is to clone the repo by running:

git clone

After cloning, create a .env file with the following variables:


You can sign up for a Rated API key here: Once you receive the API key, input it as the RATED_API_ACCESS_TOKEN.

Run the following command once the .env variables are set:

yarn calculate-auction-rebalance-params

Check the input data of the assertion transaction and compare it against the script output. Here is the assertion transaction for the example above.

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