Voting Walkthrough

This tutorial describes how to vote using the UMA voter dApp. For context, each voting period is 48hrs. Voting takes 3 steps:
  • Commit Vote: the first 24hrs of a voting period allows you to encrypt and commit your vote
  • Reveal vote: the second 24hrs of a voting period allows you to decrypt and reveal your vote. Votes are tallied by a DVM smart contract at the end of the reveal period.
  • Claim rewards: At the end of each reveal period, you claim $UMA inflation rewards generated by the protocol, if you voted correctly as determined by the DVM.


  1. 2.
    Connect your metamask wallet and sign the transaction
Commit period: You’ll see active votes in the “Active Requests” table.
  • Type your vote for each vote under the "current vote" dropdown.
  • Click the "commit vote" button
  • You can edit your vote after you commit, before the reveal period starts. MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT: make sure that your $UMA tokens are in the account you use to commit a vote before the reveal period begins. A snapshot is taken at the beginning of the reveal period.
Reveal period: If there are committed votes to reveal, you’ll see them in the “Active Requests” table.
  • Review your committed votes
  • Click the “reveal vote” button. Once revealed, this cannot be undone.
Claim rewards: If there are rewards to claim, you’ll see a “Claim rewards” button at the top of the dApp.