Migrate to oSnap Safe App

Step-by-step instructions on migrating from the Gnosis SafeSnap to the oSnap Safe App.

The most recent version of oSnap, also referred to as the oSnap Safe App, was launched on December 4, 2023. This new version enables smoother onboarding while maintaining the familiar user experience you already know.

If you installed oSnap before December 4, 2023, you are likely using the Gnosis SafeSnap version. We recommend migrating to the oSnap Safe App, as it is actively maintained by UMA.

To migrate, navigate to your Snapshot space, click 'Settings' then 'Advanced' on the left sidebar.

In the plugins container, click the white 'x' to remove the existing plugin.

Click 'Add plugin'. In the modal that opens, click the 'oSnap by UMA' option.

Scroll down, click 'Save' and sign the transaction.

Finally, refresh your browser.

After your browser is refreshed, you should see that oSnap is activated in the treasury container.

You're finished!

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