oSnap Proposal Verification

oSnap Proposal Verification with UMA's Optimistic Oracle

Verifying Proposals

After transactions have been requested for execution, the challenge period begins. The challenge period length is set by the oSnap Safe module advanced settings. Invalid requests must be disputed within the challenge period. oSnap requests can be reviewed in the Optimistic Oracle dApp's Verify tab.

After selecting a request, a sidebar will show additional request details including the bond amount, when the challenge period ends, a dispute button (when a wallet is connected), a link to the corresponding Snapshot proposal, the oSnap rules that the request should be reviewed against (including minimum quorum and voting period for the Snapshot proposal), and links to relevant block explorer pages.

The explanation includes an IPFS hash that is a unique identifier for the Snapshot proposal and can be used to retrieve details of the proposal. For example, https://ipfs.io/ipfs/bafkreie2hujdeenwz7dcbqcvwq37vjgu6g3alvkk5ysxbm4yqpeahm37xa.

Disputing Proposals

If the oSnap request does not meet the Rules, it should be disputed. Disputed requests can not be executed no matter how UMA resolves the dispute. This section outlines the steps to dispute an invalid oSnap request, or any other invalid assertions to UMA's Optimistic Oracle.

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