Unsupported Contracts

Risk Labs/UMA protocol no longer actively supports or improves:

These contracts are open-source code, and anyone is free to use, improve, or fork the code. However note that for these contracts to be safe, it requires a robust system of well capitalized off-chain watchers (liquidator & disputer bots) to continually check that positions are appropriately collateralized, or that positions are not being liquidated unfairly. Anyone using this code in production must ensure that there are well-capitalized liquidators and disputers running at all times; failure to do so could result in a loss of all locked funds. Risk Labs does not and will not run liquidators for these contracts, nor does it give any security assurances about any EMP or Perp contracts. As always, UMA protocol and Risk Labs will continue to support proposed addition or request of price identifiers for general use including within EMP/Perp contracts.

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