oSnap Quick Start

Simple guide for setting up and using oSnap
“oSnap” is short for Optimistic Snapshot Execution.
oSnap lets DAOs propose transactions, do an off-chain governance vote, and have the transaction data submitted in a trustless fashion.
What you need to get started
  • Snapshot Space
  • Safe with multi-sig (or Safe with on-chain governance)
Here are the step-by-step instructions for using oSnap.
  • Create a Safe and Snapshot Space, or connect to your current accounts.
  • Go to Safe Apps, install the Zodiac app, and install the oSnap module through Zodiac.
  • Set the proposal bond, challenge period, and Snapshot Space.
  • Link the oSnap module to your Snapshot Space with SafeSnap.
  • Your oSnap module address is added to the SafeSnap plugin configuration to enforce the results of proposals on-chain.
Done! Now, for your first proposal:
  • Create a proposal and Snapshot vote, along with the transactions to execute if the proposal passes.
  • Invite the community to vote on the proposal.
  • Once the Snapshot voting period ends, anyone can propose the transactions by posting a bond.
  • After the challenge period, execute the transactions on-chain through the Snapshot interface.
You can start using oSnap today and announce to your DAO the good news of its newfound superpowers.
Reach out to our team on the UMA Discord Server or [email protected] for more information and developer support.