oSnap Deployment Tutorial

Welcome to the oSnap Deployment Tutorial. In this tutorial, you'll find detailed, step-by-step instructions on deploying oSnap for fully decentralized governance.

Before deploying oSnap, you must set-up a Snapshot space and Safe with Multi-Sig (or Safe with on-chain governance).

Create a Safe

Visit https://app.safe.global/ to deploy and access your Safe.

If you do not have a Safe created, select the ‘Create new Safe’ button and follow these instructions to deploy a safe. Select ‘Add existing Safe’ if you would like to use an existing safe with your oSnap module.

Note: Confirm your wallet is set to the appropriate network if the safe isn’t displayed.

Create a Snapshot Space

Visit https://snapshot.org/ to access your Snapshot space.

If you do not have a Snapshot space created, follow these instructions to get started.

Deploy oSnap

Now that your Safe and Snapshot space are set up, you can deploy oSnap.

In your Snapshot space, click 'Settings' then 'Advanced' on the left sidebar.

In the Plugins container, click 'Add plugin'. In the modal that opens, click the 'oSnap by UMA' option.

Next, in the treasury container, click 'Add Treasury'. Then, select the network, and enter the name and contract address of your Safe treasury.

Note: Make sure you have the correct chain selected or oSnap installation will not work. See supported networks here.

Scroll down, click 'Save' and sign the message.

Once saved, in the treasury container, click 'Activate oSnap'.

In the modal that opens, click 'Activate oSnap'.

Next, you will be redirected to the Safe App, click 'Activate oSnap'.

Execute the generated transaction on your Safe.

Once the transaction is confirmed, you should see that oSnap is activated in two places:

First, confirm it's activated in the Safe App.

Next, confirm it is activated in the Snapshot advanced settings in the treasury container.

You're finished! Time to create your first proposal.

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